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As one of the top-performing and top-growing REMAX brokerages in the Northeast, we pride ourselves on understanding the essential elements required to support our agents. With a proven track record of success, we offer a dynamic combination of cutting-edge technology, ongoing training, marketing expertise, and a collaborative culture to empower our agents and help them thrive in the competitive real estate landscape.


Robust Offerings for Support

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Training and Education: Ongoing training programs cover how to build your business, conduct real estate transactions with ease, and help you to stay informed and sharpen your skills.
Non-Competing Brokers: Our non-competing brokers are on call 7 days week, and available for support to answer all of your real estate related questions when it matters most.
Flexible Compensation Models: We start with a generous 80/20 commission split, and are open to hearing from you about what kind of financial incentives would appeal most to you.

Administrative Support: Assistance with administrative tasks, such as transaction coordination, auditing contracts, and communicating with vendors allows you to focus more on client service.

Lead Generation: Our partnership with Zillow Premier Agent provides agents with live, connected buyers and sellers in your local market to help you add a stream of income to your business.

Legal and Compliance Support: Access to legal counsel and compliance resources help you navigate complex situations in the field and ensure that you and your clients are protected.
Technology and Tools: Advanced technology platforms and tools for transaction management, customer relationship management, and digital marketing enhance your efficiency and effectiveness.
Marketing Assistance: Marketing resources and tools help you leverage social media, create compelling listings, and establish a strong online presence to attract potential clients.
Networking Opportunities: Monthly meetings, workshops, and industry conferences help expand your professional connections, stay updated on market trends, and exchange ideas with peers.
Company Culture: A positive and collaborative company culture contributes to a supportive work environment, fostering teamwork and camaraderie among agents within the brokerage.

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